When People Ask How I’m Doing

I just recently started reading the poetry book "Helium", that my sister bought me for my birthday. It was written by Rudy Francisco, one of my favorite poets. This poem stuck out to me because it's a good depiction of how depression feels when it takes over a person. -Jen, xo


I’m Not Okay: Youtube Spoken Word Video

I absolutely love listening and watching her spoken word poetry. Her emotions are raw. Her words find their way into my heart,  allowing me to place thought to feeling. She may not always feel like an inspiration but she truly is.  I see myself in her sadness, in her confusion and wonder. I see myself... Continue Reading →

Do You Remember?

How do you leave things in the past? Words spoken, feelings broken How do you forget the emotion behind their words? Heart aching, hands shaking The animosity? The name calling? Tears flowing, the insecurities and not knowing what to do How do you move on and forget the past? The anger and sadness echo through... Continue Reading →

All she wants is Peace

Fear takes over her Heart pounding within her chest All she wants is peace (free stock photo from google) “She picked up the pieces of her life and created something beautiful. From that day forth she shone like the sun and changed the definition of broken.” --Randall M. Core

Wisdom Wednesday 

Just because life knocks us down, it doesn't mean we have to stay down.  Take life's difficulties and turn them into lessons.  Learn from your mistakes. Realize that your tears don't equal weakness. Your exhaustion doesn't equal laziness. Know your worth. Be you biggest cheerleader and learn to motivate yourself. Life is tough, but it... Continue Reading →

Darling…Love Yourself 

Look at yourself and appreciate your beauty. Appreciate your strengths and perseverance.  Look at yourself, not in the light of other people's opinions and issues, but in the light of your acceptance and courage. What people say about you or think about you is not your problem. It is their problem. Continue living your life... Continue Reading →

Que Bonita Bandera: A Poem

“Que bonita bandera…” is sung around the island, As the aromatic scents of sugar waft through the air, being inhaled by people who lie dying of starvation. Fields, once stocked with overflowing crops, Now gone and taken over by cooperate owners, Not caring how the people of Puerto Rico will find their next meal to... Continue Reading →

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