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Anxiety Attacks

One of the worst places to have an anxiety attack, is in the shower. Being overcome by emotion when the water is running, & vent fan is on... Knowing that while you’re crying & hyperventilating alone on the shower floor, clutching your chest because it’s tight & you can’t breathe, that everyone in your home… Continue reading Anxiety Attacks

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Dissociation or Depersonalization

Hi All, For all of you who live with Anxiety, Depression or any other form of Mental Illness, have any of you gone through Dissociation or Depersonalization? I was pretty sure that I have gone through it before, but what happened to me tonight, makes me think otherwise. As I was eating dinner with my… Continue reading Dissociation or Depersonalization

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7 Cups of Tea

Today, being that my anxiety has been really bad, I decided to look up organizations and websites that can help connect with with others going through the same things as me, as well as professionals. You can chat with volunteers, chat with others going through the same issues as yourself, and you can sign up… Continue reading 7 Cups of Tea

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Monday was Bananas

So, I am sooooo happy it is Tuesday! My Monday was ridiculously stressful. By 4:30pm my husband was walking through the door to find me in tears, scrubbing vomit off the sofa 😭. Let me start from the beginning... In the morning, I was woken up by my son at 8:22am because I had somehow… Continue reading Monday was Bananas

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I’m Having a Hard Time Today

The amount of anxiety I have today and that i've had for the past couple of days, is insane. I cannot get myself off of mindless social media scrolling. I cannot find the energy to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I have a headache, my mind is racing and I feel alone. I… Continue reading I’m Having a Hard Time Today

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Exam Anxiety

Guys!!! I'm down to 2  final exams for this week and I am so anxious to take them. So anxious that I have been procrastinating with studying for them. That ever happen to any of you? You become so nervous about doing something, that you disregard anything that has to do with it, until that… Continue reading Exam Anxiety

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Inconsistant Emotions

  You ever have those days where you wake up really happy and in a good mood, You're ready to take on the day and the moment you step outside you're hit with extreme anxiety? You sit there wondering what happened, Why am I sitting here with this palpable sadness? I was fine just a… Continue reading Inconsistant Emotions