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Happy 21st Birthday Baby Brother

Over the years I’ve wondered what you would look like as a grown man

Would you be tall like Val, or short like mom?

Would you have facial hair or be clean shaven?

Would you walk with a bounce or a strut?

Would you be serious or goofy?

Would you always try to protect your sisters or let us handle things on our own?

Would you give mom a hard time by being a bad ass, or annoying her with your silly antics?

Would you be a family man, or enjoy hanging with friends more?

What would your interests be?

What kind of music would you like?

Would you speak Spanish or mostly English?

What would life be like if we had you here with us, celebrating your 21st birthday?

Sleep in peace baby Val.

I miss you and love you always.

My baby brother Valentine
Visiting him before my move to Fl, back in 2017

-Jen, xo

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