A Tranquil Ocean

I long for days where my mind is like a tranquil ocean, 

Instead of tumultuous rapids.

Wanting to feel weightless and free,

Only to feel the weight of worry and fear pulling me under,

fighting to breathe, to be seen or heard.

I long for days where I feel pure love and respect for myself,

Instead of days being critical and self detrimental.

I want to love myself, 


I need to love myself,

Without question,

Without conditions.

I want the palpitations to slow down,

For the racing of my heart to be of excitement instead of anxiety.

I want my hands to shake with anticipation of new life experiences,

Instead of worry and dread.

I want to close my eyes and feel serene in my own body,

Instead of closing my eyes and going through negative, made up scenarios.

I want to feel weightless and free

I want peace of mind, heart and spirit.

I want to feel like a tranquil ocean.


– Jen, xo


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