Saturday Sillies

Aaahh...the good ol' tingles! How many of you feel tingly when you're starting to feel anxious? It happens to me ALL the time. This is when I start to control my breathing and try to calm myself before my anxiety gets worse. It takes a while, but eventually the tingles fade away. Now if only... Continue Reading →


Sunday Morning

Standing here in silence 
I'm reminded of the peace 
Sunday mornings bring

Saturday Sillies

Good morning! On this beautiful Saturday morning, I figured I would share some funny tweets about anxiety & depression. We all know and understand that anxiety and depression are serious mental illness and can cause many of us to feel terrible on a daily basis. But what better to make you laugh or at least... Continue Reading →

Hello Friday!

Hi all! I'm sitting here at the nail salon and I've just been feeling started while I was at home and I honestly don't know why. I guess today I'm anxious for unknown reasons-and I find that to be the most annoying! I had a good morning with my husband. We went to breakfast... Continue Reading →

30 Habits for Happiness

Reading this list, there are quite a few I know I need to work on. 🔸 I need to begin meditating again. When I use to meditate, it would help clear my mind and ease my anxiety away. 🔸I need to learn to be more patient. Living with anxiety it's easy to get lost in... Continue Reading →

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Hi guys! I know it's been a while. I've had a pretty busy couple of months! My mother in-law came to Florida to visit us for 10 days in January, so I was busy hanging with her and the family. We had a great time showing her around and spending time with her. We took... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Symptoms

If ever you’re around a person who you think is behaving “strangely” and you can’t figure out why, maybe they suffer from anxiety disorder. Because of my anxiety disorder, I tend to stutter, shake, speak fast, get some stomach pains, and I lash out in anger when I’m really anxious (obviously I don’t mean to).... Continue Reading →

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