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My Heart is Sad: A Poem

My heart is sad. 

My body is trembling.

My eyes keep from crying.

My heart pounds against my chest.

My mind tells me no one cares,

While my heart knows the truth.

No matter how loved and appreciated I am,

Anxiety has a way of twisting that truth.

Anxiety feeds off of negativity and fear,

And I’ve come to learn that my biggest fear is being unloved and forgotten.

Maybe it’s from my childhood hardships,

Or just an evil trick anxiety has been playing on me.

Either way, my heart is sad.

My eyes give way to the tears.

The trembling subsides,

And my heart slows itself down…


8 thoughts on “My Heart is Sad: A Poem”

  1. I hope you are feeling better now, Jen. I know that feeling when your heart feels like its shrinking down to nothingness and yet every heartbeat feels like a hammer beating against your ribs…

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