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Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Hello Dearies,

Today I decided to do a guided meditation that I found on YouTube. The lady in the video suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for 20 years. Through meditation she has been able to find peace and rarely gets attacks. 

In doing the mediation, I started to feel my body relax. There is a moment where she says “let your thoughts in. Welcome all your thoughts then politely say goodbye”. When she said that I felt such a connection and began to cry. I have never cried during a mediation. It was a wonderful release. After the meditation I continued to cry on and off. Being that I never experienced this, I googled emotions during meditations. I found this great link that explains what happens and why. Turns out if you cry during meditation it means that within our body, mind or spirit, we have unresolved sadness or loss that is waiting for an opportunity to be released. Many times the sadness and loss is old and we have to allow our body to go through the process of letting it go. After days or even weeks of meditation, we may be able to release the sadness that has buildup inside of us for so long.

I’m extremely excited to continue meditating on a daily basis. I want to feel inner peace and learn to deal with my stress and anxiety. 

I’ll add the YouTube link and the article link below, so you all can check it out.

Jen xo

6 thoughts on “Guided Meditation for Anxiety”

    1. You should give it a try! It very helpful to be guided. I think it teaches us how to meditate until we no longer need the guidance ☺️. And thanks so much for the nomination! Xo

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