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Poem is Up on The Mighty!

Hi Dearies!  My poem is up on The Mighty! I'm So happy to be part of such a great community. The Mighty allows people from various backgrounds, people who suffer from different illnesses, to connect on a more personal level. I hope you go take a look around the site and share it with friends and… Continue reading Poem is Up on The Mighty!

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The Moving Pictures: A Poem

Time passes by like a thief in the night, as my mind continues to conjur up vivid scenes of all types I lay in bed, summoning sleep, as my mind segues from angry concocted fantasies to sorrowful  fictitious daydreams Time is passing by still, as my heart  attaches itself to the turmoil brewing in my… Continue reading The Moving Pictures: A Poem

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The Dreaded Phone Call

I still can’t believe he’s gone. I haven’t been blogging much bc I’m dealing with the passing of one of my step parents. Coping is difficult and I’m just trying to be ok, along with my family. Tell your family & friends how much you love them. You never know when it’ll be the last time you’ll see and speak to them. Xo

The Anxiety Chronicles


My ears ring with each scream that comes through the receiver.
My hands shake uncontrollably as I try to make my way to the car.
My sister takes my call with automatic fear in her voice,
For my voice is cracking as I try to keep it together.
The tears sting my eyes as I drive to get to you.
My heart aches as I realize you’re gone.
My anger rises as I remember us asking you to stop,
But then sorrow kicks in because I know it wasn’t your fault.
We all have our demons,
But yours were more over powering.
You had your times of happiness
But in the end you just weren’t strong enough.
I forgive you for all that was said and done.
I hold no grudges toward you.
I know you’re no longer in pain, and now you can get your rest,
But God…

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My Heart is Sad: A Poem

My heart is sad.  My body is trembling. My eyes keep from crying. My heart pounds against my chest. My mind tells me no one cares, While my heart knows the truth. No matter how loved and appreciated I am, Anxiety has a way of twisting that truth. Anxiety feeds off of negativity and fear,… Continue reading My Heart is Sad: A Poem

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The Days Of Disguise: A Poem

The Days Of Disguise Beating...faster...faster My heart is pounding a hundred miles an hour. Cold... So cold... My hands are freezing and feel like ice. Trembling... I'm trembling... I can't stop this involuntary movement my body is making. My eyes are darting back and forth, From side to side. I take one step after the… Continue reading The Days Of Disguise: A Poem

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My Blessing: A Poem

My Blessing As I lay me down to sleep, I thank the lord, for my boy, so sweet. I'm blessed with silly faces and laughs, squeals and giggles from tickle attacks. I'm blessed with tantrums and pouts galore and it makes me love him forevermore. Butterfly kisses and Eskimo ones too, My love for him… Continue reading My Blessing: A Poem