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Meditation for Worry, Anxiety & Stress


Hi Dearies!

This morning I did a guided meditation from BexLife, for worry, anxiety and stress. I really enjoy this guided meditation because it teaches us how to name, place and reclaim. As we meditate, she asks us to picture three boxes: one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. When I picture my boxes, I picture my past box being black, present box being white and future box being baby blue. As we meditate, if a thought comes into our minds, we name that thought, then we place the thought into one of the three boxes and reclaim our calm and peace. After placing our thoughts into a past or future box, we then go and look into our empty present box and enjoy the peace of having nothing in that box aka, our minds, at the moment.

I find this type of meditation to be very useful and rewarding. Learning how to name and place my thoughts according to where it fits into my life helps me to focus on the here and now. It teaches me to stop worrying about the future and how to stop living in the past. The present moment is what’s important at the moment. We have to live for now and be at peace with our current situations.

Have any of you tried guided meditation? If so, which ones do you enjoy the most? Please share :D.

-Jen xo

4 thoughts on “Meditation for Worry, Anxiety & Stress”

  1. Hi Jen, I was diagonis with anxiety and depression when I go out high school. I alway pick myself super busy. I notice this keep my mind of many emotions stuff. I did the watched and did the excerise in the same time it made me cry. I drive my self busy until I am very tried to fall asleep. I’m in denial or this might not work for all.

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    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      The fact that you cried during meditation is actual ally a positive thing! I cry too. It means that you have a lot of old, pent up sadness that your mind and body is releasing. The more you meditate, the less you will cry, because the negative feelings will have been released and you’ll be left with calmness. I have another post about this if you want to read it.
      Guided Meditation for Anxiety – The Anxiety Chronicles
      I know how hard it is to deal with anxiety, and by keeping yourself busy, you are trying to keep your mind occupied. But you can’t burn yourself out either. That’s not healthy.


  2. I have recently started looking into meditation to see if I would benefit from it for my anxiety. Thank you so much for posting this, it makes perfect sense and I love the video demonstration. I hope it helps me too! Thank you again 😊

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