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Be Positive

Here's some morning motivation for you all! 😁🙃😋 Peace, love & happy thoughts, -Jen

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What does it Mean when a grasshopper lands on you?

This morning as I got on the bus going into the city, I sat down and noticed out of the corner of my eye, something green. When I turned my head to look, it was a green grasshopper. It was sitting still on my arm, starring straight at me (at least that's what I assume!).… Continue reading What does it Mean when a grasshopper lands on you?

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I am feeling so down! Ugh it's frustrating. One minute I'm fine, the next I'm down and anxious. I'm hoping it's because I just got over my "monthly friend". That always makes me hormonal and emotional. I'm just tired of feeling this way today. I don't even feel like I can smile...🙁. Maybe a walk… Continue reading Blah…

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Friday Humor

Sometimes being in a dark place is done intentionally...because it's the only break a parent can get! lol Hope everyone has a great weekend, xoxo. Jen

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Meditation for Worry, Anxiety & Stress

Hi Dearies! This morning I did a guided meditation from BexLife, for worry, anxiety and stress. I really enjoy this guided meditation because it teaches us how to name, place and reclaim. As we meditate, she asks us to picture three boxes: one for the past, one for the present and one for the future.… Continue reading Meditation for Worry, Anxiety & Stress

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Funny Movie Quote Challenge

Over at Getting Through Anxiety, B.G. has challenged us to a Funny Movie Quote Challenge. It seems fun! So I'm going to give it a go :). If any of you are interested, please join the challenge! You can copy & paste a link in the comment section. Here are the rules: 1.) Pick your favorite funny… Continue reading Funny Movie Quote Challenge

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Just Say Hi!

I tend to get nervous to say hello to people I don't know, but when someone just stares at me without smiling or saying anything, I can't help but say hello. This lady just stared at me non stop by my son's school. I think that's rude. But instead of getting upset, I smiled and… Continue reading Just Say Hi!