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Always End the Day With a Positive Thought

I know how difficult it can be to feel positive after having dealt with anxiety, for most of the day. It’s easy to climb into bed cursing yourself for being “weak” or “not good enough”. I for one, can lay in bed for a while, replaying things I’ve done or said and wishing I could have done or said more. That’s a habit that should be broken. We should remind ourselves that we were blessed to see another day and that we survived that day. 

We may not have accomplished a certain goal or task but that doesnt mean we can’t try the next day. When laying in bed, we should think of the positive things that happened, no matter how small or minute we may think it to be. There was one Tuesday that I spoke up in class and really gave my opinion on a couple of topics and all day long I felt proud. There was another day where I decided to tap a person on the shoulder to compliment her on her hair. Speaking to people I don’t know isn’t always easy, but I made myself, because I really thought she had great style. So, something as simple as speaking up can be the positive thought to go back to at the end of the day. Maybe for you it could be something you cooked for the first time, or being able to sit for an hour and read a book. No matter what it is, be happy that you got through it and remember that tomorrow is another day to try and accomplish more. 

-Jen xo

5 thoughts on “Always End the Day With a Positive Thought”

  1. Okay I just found your blog and I already know your blog Is going to help my anxiety so much,I did a post on it not too far back,maybe you could look at it? I’m also nearly at 100 followers! X

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