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Feeling Heartbroken & Exhausted

It’s hard to explain the pain I feel, but I sit here crying because this world has me exhausted. I think of my nieces and nephews, my babies. I think of their beautiful brown skin possibly being the reason they are harmed one day. I think of the hatred that is so easily spewed towards people of color; people who are considered “different”. You can’t be black in America. You can’t speak Spanish in America. You can’t practice a religion other than Christianity, in America. So much hate. So much offense. So much nonesense for absolutely no reason. What happened to love, respect and empathy? What happened to live and let live? I’m tired of it all. I know that all I can do is pray to my God for strength and to watch over my loved ones, as well as continuing to speak out against injustices, whether people agree or not. Whether it makes them uncomfortable or not. I have to. I can’t just stay shut. Non of this is ok 😔💔.

-Jen, xo

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