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I’m so Over this Anxiety

Guys, I'm feeling so anxious today. My heart is pounding, Arms are tingling, Eyes feel so heavy, I want to sleep. I'm Nauseous and my mind won't shut up! The amount of thoughts circling my mind are exhausting. ...I'm tired of wondering if family and friends care. Am I bothering them by calling or texting?… Continue reading I’m so Over this Anxiety

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Why am I surprised?

At the moment, I'm laying in bed with an anxiety induced know the kind. A headache brought on by the never ending thoughts that spiral in your mind, causing you to go from happy and calm to edgy and frustrated. The kind that hits you when you're not always expecting it to. The headache… Continue reading Why am I surprised?

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You Will Survive This Too

Hi All, I haven't been blogging much, ever since finding out one of my step parent's passed away. I've been feeling pretty down and not reaching out to many people, over the past two weeks. On top of that, yesterday was the last day of class and I have two take home exams I need… Continue reading You Will Survive This Too

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Mental Illness Tag

Thanks to You're Not Alone in This World for nominating everyone with a mental health illness/issue to participate in this amazing tag! What mental illness do you have? I suffer from Anxiety and use to suffer from depression. When were you diagnosed? I've always known i've had anxiety, but it was about 3 years ago that I finally opened… Continue reading Mental Illness Tag

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Articulating Your Emotions

   I'm sure that many of you out there who suffer from any type of mental illness/issue have felt this way.  Me, suffering from anxiety, have had many difficulties explaining what goes on in my head, heart or body when I'm experiencing anxiety. I've also noticed that it's been difficult for my family and friends… Continue reading Articulating Your Emotions

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Gifts People with Mental Illness Really Want for the Holidays

If you have a chance, please read the article linked below, from the These are things that many of us want. I know I do. I pray every day for inner peace and for my mind to slow down. I want to be understood, accepted for who I am and loved unconditionally ☺️. Let's… Continue reading Gifts People with Mental Illness Really Want for the Holidays

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If only it were this easy…

    I love these comics lol. They show how incredibly insensitive people can be towards someone suffering from a mental illness. So many times I've had people tell me : "Oh stop, it's not that serious". " Relax, just stop thinking about it..." "I don't understand why that would make you anxious". "Seriously? That makes… Continue reading If only it were this easy…