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Up Studying

I have one more midterm left! What's more exciting is that later on, on Wednesday, once I'm done with my midterm, my son and I will be heading to Fl for a week! Yay! Get to see my hubby and start looking at apartments for when we officially move in June.  Ok! Back to studying...bye! … Continue reading Up Studying

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Just Wanted to say Hi…

Hi guys I know I haven't been on in a while. I've been pretty busy with school, studying for my midterm and as usual, taking care of my family. Aside from all that though, I've been feeling really anxious. Every day my heart is pounding 100 mph and I feel a bit shaky. I've been… Continue reading Just Wanted to say Hi…

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UN Secretary General Lecture… A Good Day!

Hi Dearies! I have written much, because my husband, son and I have been pretty sick. We are much better and I figured why not fill you all in on my exciting day 2 weeks ago. So for my Anthropology & Human Rights class, our professor informed us that the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon,… Continue reading UN Secretary General Lecture… A Good Day!

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School Registration 

So it turns out I can't register for classes today, like I've been anticipating. I was told today's class registration is only for the Winter Semester. I have to wait until mid January! đŸ˜©  Im a bit confused however because I also spoke to someone in recruitment, and he told me that I need to… Continue reading School Registration