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Be Positive

Here's some morning motivation for you all! 😁🙃😋 Peace, love & happy thoughts, -Jen

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Saturday Sillies 

(Fowl language comics) This comic cracks me up whenever I read it! My mom use to count down and now as a mom, I do the same!  "Go to bed...1! 2!..."*little feet running to the room* lol Aaah parenting...gotta love it 😁 Anyone else remember this from their childhood, or does it now with their… Continue reading Saturday Sillies 

Anxiety, Blessed, Children, Depression, Emotions, Faith, Humor, Improvement, Love, Marriage, Mothers, Motivation, Peace

Writing Blog Challenge: Day 1

I got this challenge over at You're Not Alone in This World, please go check out her page! I thought it was pretty cool, so I took a go at it!  20 Random facts about myself: Im scared of live shrimp and anything else with a bunch of creepy little legs! 😭 I get high anxiety when… Continue reading Writing Blog Challenge: Day 1

Anxiety, Blessed, Depression, Emotions, Faith, Improvement, Love, Mental Health, Mothers, Motivation, Therapy

Pure Laughter

Without my knowing, mom was taking pictures of me when we were face timing! This is my favorite:  When I look at it, it shows pure fun & laughter between daughter & mother... Who would have thought that so many years later, after so many tears and frustrations, that we would still be able to… Continue reading Pure Laughter