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Personal Growth

Sometimes it feels like you’re stuck or you don’t feel as if you’ve changed very much, but take a moment to really sit and reflect. It may be the smallest of things but I am sure you can pin point an area in your life where you have grown stronger or even happier. Maybe you’re… Continue reading Personal Growth

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Happy New Year!

Before the year is over, I want to say thank you to everyone who has come over to my blog to read, comment and encourage me. I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a large community, where we are able to share, encourage and listen to… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Hard To Swallow Pills

I saw this post and I have to admit I gave a hard time with each and every one of these. I always feel like someone is mad at me, or gossiping about me. I have to learn to realize everyone has their own life and is focused on themselves and not me or analyzing… Continue reading Hard To Swallow Pills

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I’m so Over this Anxiety

Guys, I'm feeling so anxious today. My heart is pounding, Arms are tingling, Eyes feel so heavy, I want to sleep. I'm Nauseous and my mind won't shut up! The amount of thoughts circling my mind are exhausting. ...I'm tired of wondering if family and friends care. Am I bothering them by calling or texting?… Continue reading I’m so Over this Anxiety

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I’m Scared to Live but I’m Scared to Die

I was listening to music when the song Paralyzed by NF came on. There is a line where he raps "I'm scared to live but I'm scared to die". I heard that and realized that living with anxiety feels the same way. Succeeding in this world means having to step out of my comfort zone… Continue reading I’m Scared to Live but I’m Scared to Die

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Inconsistant Emotions

  You ever have those days where you wake up really happy and in a good mood, You're ready to take on the day and the moment you step outside you're hit with extreme anxiety? You sit there wondering what happened, Why am I sitting here with this palpable sadness? I was fine just a… Continue reading Inconsistant Emotions

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Inner Peace 

As an adult, I truly do admire people who have found their inner peace. I strive for it on a daily basis.  Anyone else share the same sentiment?  - Jen, xo

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Lessons Learned in 2016

While browsing WordPress, I came across a post from Hopelesslystrong, where she lists all of the good and positive lessons she has learned in 2016. I think it's a great idea to focus on all of the positive that came out of 2016 , in spite of all the trials and difficult times I may have had. … Continue reading Lessons Learned in 2016

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Are You Drawn to the Darkness?

This quote resonates with me a lot. While in therapy the other day, my therapist told me anxiety tends to be drawn to more anxiety; I'm drawn to people who are also struggling emotionally, because we have things in common. She mentioned I'm also drawn to people like myself, because I've been assigned the role of… Continue reading Are You Drawn to the Darkness?

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Morning Motivation

Good morning dearies, As you wake up and get ready for this day, take a moment to realize just how blessed you are to see a brand new day. Let's thank God for waking us up and for giving us the strength we need. Remember: Just Breathe, You are brave, You can do this, Take… Continue reading Morning Motivation