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Anxiety: A Short Film

I happened to come across this video on Youtube and I feel the need to share it with all of you. The video below is a good representation of how Anxiety effects a person, and how even with all the negative thoughts and feelings, you can still push through and live your life. It isn't… Continue reading Anxiety: A Short Film

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Monday Motivation

Good morning Dearies, So many of us go throughout our days so focused on our loved ones and making sure that they are taken care of, that we often forget to care for ourselves. One thing I learned when I become a mother, was that if I don't take care of myself physically and mentally,… Continue reading Monday Motivation

Anxiety, Blessed, Depression, Emotions, Faith, Improvement, Love, Mental Health, Mothers, Motivation, Peace, Prevention, Quotes, Therapy

Monday Motivation

Despite the many negative feelings we may have on a daily basis, we all have good in us. We may not feel we are worthy or have much to offer, but I'm sure the people around us would think differently. So I think it's a great idea to think of one positive thing about yourself,… Continue reading Monday Motivation