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Getting Back into the Work Force

Since I've moved to Fl, I've realized that I should probably get a part time job being that I have to wait a year before going back to school. I've been feeling a bit bored and still out of place in a new State. Since I made that decision, I've applied to two positions. One… Continue reading Getting Back into the Work Force

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Kudos to Kristen Bell

This video literally brought tears to my eyes. It was as if she looked within me and said everything I’ve been feeling.

Tiny Acts of Self Care

Major kudos to Kristen Bell for this amazing interview to The Off Camera Show! I am so pleased that more and more celebrities are opening up about their struggles with mental health problems and explaining that there is absolutely no shame in taking medication.

It’s awesome that Kristen’s mum sat her down and talked to her about mental health and what to do if she ever felt that way- it’s definitely a talk I’ll be having with my kids (or cats).

The ‘sex talk’ is something that is expected of parents and for young people to prepare them for the world. Surly we should all be doing a similar thing with mental health?

As a teenager with severe depression and anxiety, I had no idea what was going on and so punished myself for feeling the way that I did and not being able to find a way out. Looking…

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