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Before You Call the Cops

Ugh my heart! My soul cries for the families that have lost their loved ones due to fear of nothing more than the color of their skin. I pray God watch over my beautiful/handsome nieces and nephews who also live in that skin. I pray God reminds them how beautiful of a person they are;… Continue reading Before You Call the Cops

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The Dreaded Phone Call

Val My ears ring with each scream that comes through the receiver. My hands shake uncontrollably as I try to make my way to the car. My sister takes my call with automatic fear in her voice, For my voice is cracking as I try to keep it together. The tears sting my eyes as… Continue reading The Dreaded Phone Call

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Friendships That Don’t Last 

Had you told me years ago, that friendships weren't forever, I wouldn't have believed you. How could such a close bond be broken? We tell each other everything. This is the person I trust with my life. No way this will end...Sadly, they do end. Most of the time my friendships have ended with no… Continue reading Friendships That Don’t Last