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Finals Week

Ok...I'm done! I cannot study anymore.  My eyes are heavy and I no longer feel like I'm retaining information. I think it's time to call it a night... Hopefully I do well on my final tomorrow, so then I can begin studying for my Saturday final.  Good night guys! 💤  Wish me luck! Jen, xo

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Are You Drawn to the Darkness?

This quote resonates with me a lot. While in therapy the other day, my therapist told me anxiety tends to be drawn to more anxiety; I'm drawn to people who are also struggling emotionally, because we have things in common. She mentioned I'm also drawn to people like myself, because I've been assigned the role of… Continue reading Are You Drawn to the Darkness?

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I’ve been accepted!!!

Dearies! I did it! I've been accepted into the social work program at my college! I am soooo happy and excited! I was in tears earlier when I found out! God is good. Never give up on your dreams. I put my heart into my social work application and it paid off. 😆😆😆 I can't… Continue reading I’ve been accepted!!!