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Be Positive

Here's some morning motivation for you all! 😁🙃😋 Peace, love & happy thoughts, -Jen

Anxiety, Depression, Emotions, Humor, Mental Health

Saturday Sillies

Aaahh...the good ol' tingles! How many of you feel tingly when you're starting to feel anxious? It happens to me ALL the time. This is when I start to control my breathing and try to calm myself before my anxiety gets worse. It takes a while, but eventually the tingles fade away. Now if only… Continue reading Saturday Sillies

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Have a Nice Day…

Hope everyone has an amazing day! 😋 -Jen

Anxiety, Depression, Emotions, Humor, Mental Health, Motivation, Quotes, Therapy

Sunday Funnies 

As someone who has been in therapy, I can tell you this statement is correct! LOL *Happy Sunday!* - Jen