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Saturday Sillies 

(Fowl language comics) This comic cracks me up whenever I read it! My mom use to count down and now as a mom, I do the same!  "Go to bed...1! 2!..."*little feet running to the room* lol Aaah parenting...gotta love it 😁 Anyone else remember this from their childhood, or does it now with their… Continue reading Saturday Sillies 

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Natural Anxiety & Panic Attack Remedy in 4 Minutes

After doing my daily guided meditation, for my anxiety, I decided to look at other videos by  BEXLIFE. I came across this short video, where she explains how to control an anxiety or panic attack in 4 minutes, using 2-3 techniques. Please check out the video or share it with your loved ones. It may… Continue reading Natural Anxiety & Panic Attack Remedy in 4 Minutes