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The World Needs More Empathetic People

I recently posted on Facebook stating that 'the lack of empathy in this world towards mental illness is astonishing smh...". A couple of people agreed and one of my friends mentioned how there is a lack of mental health education within our society. I have to agree with her. I only know of certain classes… Continue reading The World Needs More Empathetic People

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When You Feel Like Quitting…

Hi guys, I know I haven't been posting much lately. I've been really overwhelmed with school. I'm finding that this semester in school, I'm starting to question myself and worry about whether I can pass these classes or not. I'm taking two mandatory Social Work classes and an online Latinos class. The amount of reading… Continue reading When You Feel Like Quitting…

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Ballroom Anyone?

Hey all! Last night was my first Ballroom class that my township is having, for FREE! It lasts for three months. I signed up, in hopes of learning new skills, meeting new people and facing a fear, of well, trying something new! My husband wanted to sign up with me, but it lasts for an… Continue reading Ballroom Anyone?