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Socially Acceptable?

I'm not sure when it became socially acceptable to bring up a person's weight or frame in conversation; especially when you don't know them! I am a very thin person; always have been this way. I'm petite! I'm all of 4'10 and under 100 pounds. This seems to bug complete strangers or amaze them, because… Continue reading Socially Acceptable?

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Today is World Poetry Day, so I've decided to share some poems I've written in the past few years. Happy Writing!!! 🙂 Sleep (1-15-10) Head on my pillow, I lay here trying to sleep, but like every other night, I fall victim to defeat. My mind is racing, running its course, My body begging for… Continue reading #WorldPoetryDay

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6 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with Depression

I was on Facebook, when I came across an article on things you shouldn't say to someone dealing with depression. Please take time to read the link below. It can help you understand a little better how to be compassionate and caring towards someone who is depressed or anxious.