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Healed Vs. Unbroken

How many times over the years have many of us looked back and wondered if certain things hadn't happened to us, we may be completely different? If past experiences never happened, maybe our lives would be better or easier? I know I have wondered these things, but one thing I say is that I don't… Continue reading Healed Vs. Unbroken

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Please Help the People of Texas

Hi all, Due to the catastrophic storm 'Harvey', in Texas, many people and animals have been left without homes, food and have lost their lives or the lives of their loved ones. If you can, please make donations to some of the organizations in Texas. If financially you can't, please keep Texas in your prayers… Continue reading Please Help the People of Texas

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Mental Illness is not Contagious

Be kind to one another. Just because someone has anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or any other mental illness, doesn't mean they deserve to be treated poorly. We are all people, in need of love and understanding.  Jen, ❌⭕️

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I Am

This poem was created by Jen, at  Motivation for Today’s Reality. She's asked us to change the poem to suit ourselves. We are to leave the Bold words the same and just add on to it. So here is my version! Please feel free to change the poem to make it personal to yourself and… Continue reading I Am

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Just Say Hi!

I tend to get nervous to say hello to people I don't know, but when someone just stares at me without smiling or saying anything, I can't help but say hello. This lady just stared at me non stop by my son's school. I think that's rude. But instead of getting upset, I smiled and… Continue reading Just Say Hi!

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Social Media Bullies 

I wish people would stop writing "kill yourself!" whenever they disagree with someone else's opinion. What makes you think its ok to say some crap like that?! I see it all over the place on Facebook. I don't care if these people mean it or not, it is NOT ok to tell someone that. Learn… Continue reading Social Media Bullies 

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Socially Acceptable?

I'm not sure when it became socially acceptable to bring up a person's weight or frame in conversation; especially when you don't know them! I am a very thin person; always have been this way. I'm petite! I'm all of 4'10 and under 100 pounds. This seems to bug complete strangers or amaze them, because… Continue reading Socially Acceptable?

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6 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with Depression

I was on Facebook, when I came across an article on things you shouldn't say to someone dealing with depression. Please take time to read the link below. It can help you understand a little better how to be compassionate and caring towards someone who is depressed or anxious.