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The Dreaded Phone Call

Val My ears ring with each scream that comes through the receiver. My hands shake uncontrollably as I try to make my way to the car. My sister takes my call with automatic fear in her voice, For my voice is cracking as I try to keep it together. The tears sting my eyes as… Continue reading The Dreaded Phone Call

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The Reality of a Law & Order “Quote”

I'm sitting here watching Law & Order: SVU and one of the therapists said this to Detective Stabler: "It takes a lot more balls to talk about your problems, then to beat the hell out of a ghost". I had to jot it down, because man, how true is this? I went so many years… Continue reading The Reality of a Law & Order “Quote”

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Despite my struggles…

   I believe that we all have demons. We all have issues to overcome; despite these issues though, we must remember to try. We have to remember that everyone goes through things in life. We are human. We stumble and we fall. But we need to get up, dust ourselves off and try again. We… Continue reading Despite my struggles…

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Are negative emotions good?

The answer is yes. Last night I responded to another blogger on this question. Like I told her, I learned in therapy that giving into "negative" feelings and emotions is a good thing. We are human & in order to live and learn we have to allow ourselves to feel everything. I learned I shouldn't… Continue reading Are negative emotions good?