Why am I surprised?

At the moment, I'm laying in bed with an anxiety induced headache...you know the kind. A headache brought on by the never ending thoughts that spiral in your mind, causing you to go from happy and calm to edgy and frustrated. The kind that hits you when you're not always expecting it to. The headache... Continue Reading →


I Have Dream

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I've decided to post his "I have a Dream Speech" for you all to watch. His Speech always gives me chills when I hear it. I feel our country needs his words now, more then ever. We need to be united with one another, instead of against.... Continue Reading →

Healed Vs. Unbroken

How many times over the years have many of us looked back and wondered if certain things hadn't happened to us, we may be completely different? If past experiences never happened, maybe our lives would be better or easier? I know I have wondered these things, but one thing I say is that I don't... Continue Reading →

He Helps Me Cope

Not too long ago, I was feeling really anxious because of a mistake I made. Of course, me being me, started thinking about other past mistakes I've made, I worried about how I will now be perceived and I just felt terrible. I shut off the tv and aimlessly scrolled through my news feed, as... Continue Reading →

Awesome Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Heidi, over at Braving Mental Illness for nominating me for The Awesome Blogger Award! I'm so honored! The Awesome Blogger Award: “This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and... Continue Reading →

When Insomnia Strikes

Being sleep deprived Can play some tricks on the mind I don't want to play   -Jen “She picked up the pieces of her life and created something beautiful. From that day forth she shone like the sun and changed the definition of broken.” –Randall M. Core

Happy New Year, 2018!

Hi guys! I know I'm a couple days late, but I've been busy with family on NYE and celebrating my son's 7th birthday yesterday! It's better late then never though, right?!                 For this year, I want to surround myself with positive, loving people who actually show me... Continue Reading →

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