Sleep is Ever-Changing: A Haiku

Sleep is like the wind It can be ever-changing Until it finds peace -Jen, xo artwork by Deviant Art (found through google)


I’m Not Okay: Youtube Spoken Word Video

I absolutely love listening and watching her spoken word poetry. Her emotions are raw. Her words find their way into my heart,  allowing me to place thought to feeling. She may not always feel like an inspiration but she truly is.  I see myself in her sadness, in her confusion and wonder. I see myself... Continue Reading →

Anxiety: A Short Film

I happened to come across this video on Youtube and I feel the need to share it with all of you. The video below is a good representation of how Anxiety effects a person, and how even with all the negative thoughts and feelings, you can still push through and live your life. It isn't... Continue Reading →

Sunday Reminder

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Whatever is going on in your life, remember that you are strong enough to handle it because you are still here! You are still breathing. You are still living. -Jen, xo "She picked up the pieces of her life and created something beautiful. From that day forth... Continue Reading →

Inconsistant Emotions

  You ever have those days where you wake up really happy and in a good mood, You're ready to take on the day and the moment you step outside you're hit with extreme anxiety? You sit there wondering what happened, Why am I sitting here with this palpable sadness? I was fine just a... Continue Reading →


One of my favorite songs that empowers me, is Skyscraper, by Demi Lovato. This song will always make me feel emotional because it really hits home for me. No matter how many bad things have come my way in this life, God has always helped me back up and I've been able to dust myself... Continue Reading →


I'm feeling down today... Some days I'm ok and others, like today, I just don't know what to do with myself. July makes one year that I've moved to Florida, and I still find it incredibly difficult to find things to entertain myself and have 'fun'. I'm usually bored, some days I feel inadequate and... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Chester Bennington!

Before the night is over, I want to say Happy Birthday to Chester Bennington, former lead singer of Linkin Park, who died by suicide. Every time I hear their music, it makes me sad to think that he is no longer on this earth, with his family or making great music. His music helped me... Continue Reading →

Saturday Sillies

Aaahh...the good ol' tingles! How many of you feel tingly when you're starting to feel anxious? It happens to me ALL the time. This is when I start to control my breathing and try to calm myself before my anxiety gets worse. It takes a while, but eventually the tingles fade away. Now if only... Continue Reading →

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