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Happy 22nd Birthday-I miss you!

Today you would have turned 22 years old…

Just like every passing year, it makes us sad that you’re not here with us.

Momma is sad. This is always a difficult time for her. Me & Tina always check up on her though and try to make her smile.

Me & Tina are sad too. We tend to talk about 2 specific memories we have with you. Tinas memory is how you use to lay with her on the bottom bunk, watching cartoons as she cuddled you. My favorite memory is when I was playing peekaboo with you and you smiled & giggled so much! But then you fell asleep on my last “peekaboo” and scared me because I thought something was wrong! But you just fell asleep lol.

Even though you were with us for a short time on this earth and it’s tough knowing you’re gone, we still keep your memory alive through stories, pictures and videos.

I love you so much and I am forever grateful to have known you for 7 months.

Happy 22nd birthday Baby Val.

Sleep in peace 🤍

– Love your big sis, Jen

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