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School & Anxiety


I should not be having an anxiety attack the first week of summer classes!

I am so stressed out and overwhelmed! I am taking 4 classes for the first time ever, as a mother of 2 and it is intense. I’m only doing this because if I take 4 now and 4 in the fall, I can FINALLY graduate. I have been trying to earn my BSW degree for a couple years now and life always gets in the way. So of course me being told I can graduate next year was the boost I needed to get these classes out the way!

But now I am second guessing myself (naturally). Statistics is my nemesis! I took this course twice many years ago. First time I got an F. Second time I got a C-. But guess what? My SW program doesn’t accept C- so I am taking it for a THIRD time! 😩. I feel so lost and confused, along with the rest of the class. On top of that I have finite Math, which I actually enjoy but it’s just Week 1, so we’ll see. I have Music (also a re-take) and Social Welfare & Policy.

I have never taken this many classes while having my 2 kids. The most I’ve ever taken was 3 and that was stressful! But I can see the finish line. I can picture myself at graduation and I just want to get this all done with!

I know it will seem worse in the beginning ( at least that’s how my mind works) and end up becoming easier or at least bearable! I hate feeling this way…

On top of the school stress I am anxious every day (nothing new there), but even more anxious because I’m pms’ing. My mind never seems to rest or give me peace. I am exhausted. I am so very exhausted. I keep praying to God for strength and faith that whatever my mind is telling me is wrong and that my feelings of inadequacy, go away.

I know I can do this…it’s just really really stressful.

– Jen, xo

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