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Back to School Time!

So I have a 4th grader!! My big guy starts school tomorrow and I still can’t believe he will be in 4th grade. Time is really flying by guys! Hubby and I weren’t comfortable sending him in for face to face teaching just yet, so he will be learning virtually. Hopefully this pandemic can end soon, so he can be back in the classroom with his friends. I know they all miss each other so much.

Being that Nathaniel starts school tomorrow, I went and bought him some school supplies today. He doesn’t need much, being that he is learning from home, but I was able to get him enough to keep our desk organized and clutter free. I want him to have a clean space where he can concentrate and find the things he needs, when he needs them.

I hope things go easily for him and all the other students going back to school during this pandemic, whether they are learning from home, or face to face. He is already feeling nervous, because it is a higher grade and because he will be in front of a screen a lot more than he has ever been. I reassured him though that they are giving the kids breaks to stretch and step away from their computers, as well as lunch and “recess”. I will try to have him go outside for a bit to ride bike or at least take a walk with me and his brother.

Nathaniel always gets anxious before starting a new grade and having new teachers. We have the same talk every year and I remind him that his feelings are completely normal. New things are scary and it is ok to feel the way he does. I reminded him that we met his teachers via zoom the other day and that his dad and I will be home to help him as well, if he is having trouble with his computer or confused on an assignment. His teachers will also be readily available for the students to see them virtually and help with whatever they need.

I remind him that he is a smart kid and that in time he will be able to understand the new material. The unknown is always scary, but once he gets the hang of it, he will feel better and fall into a routine. Of course, like any young kid, he was still a bit skeptical that things will go well lol, even though they always do! I just hope he gets enough sleep tonight and can feel a lot better by the morning!

Here’s to a wonderful school year! Best of luck to everyone else having to go back now as well and please be safe! 🎉🎉🎉

-Jen, xo

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