Monday was Bananas

So, I am sooooo happy it is Tuesday! My Monday was ridiculously stressful. By 4:30pm my husband was walking through the door to find me in tears, scrubbing vomit off the sofa 😭. Let me start from the beginning…

In the morning, I was woken up by my son at 8:22am because I had somehow slept through my alarm. I quickly jumped out of bed while I told my son to go get dressed for school. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, pulled my hair back in a ponytail and then went to get my sons snack ready for school. I get that done, get all his papers and binder in order and then make him a buttered sandwich to eat on the way to school. I then go to wake up the little one, change his diaper and head to the car. It is now 8:36am, so I have less then 10 min to get my son to school before the late bell rings (it’s a 5 min drive). We’re all strapped in, I go to turn on the car and nothing…NOTHING! My car won’t start! Try a few times, nada! Ugh! I email his teacher that he will be late because now I have to walk him to school and that takes about 20-25 min from our house. We climb out the car, I get the baby situated on his stroller, get him a bottle and off we go. We arrived close to 9:15a, tired and hot because although it’s Winter, it’s in the high 70s here in Fl!

After I walk back home, I get undressed and out more summer comfy clothes on. I eat breakfast, have my ice coffee and then call roadside assistance to come to my garage and get the car started. Within 20 min the guy came, he was able to get my batter started and that was that, yay! Now I’m able to calmly read for class while my baby napped. I had so much reading to do but have not been able to get through it all.

Later, after picking up the oldest from school, we get home, I have him start his HW while I sit on the sofa and feed the little one. Once he’s done with the bottle, he looks at me, makes a face and barf! Vomit everywhere! All over himself, me, the sofa the floor. I quickly put him on the floor to sit down while I try to wipe him and myself clean. I’m stripping off his clothes, doing the same with myself and my oldest son is running to grab Clorox wipes, while I use baby wipes. At this point I’m looking at my vomited couch and just start crying. It has been an exhausting, frustrating day! And at that moment, hubby walks in. Ugh thank God! He hugs me and let’s me cry and helps me with the baby so I can go shower and get changed. And all i can think too is I have so much reading to do before class in 2 hours!

I didn’t finish all my reading but thankfully I had a good class, but I wasn’t participating much bc I was so tired from the day. So again, I am SO happy today is Tuesday!!!


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