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Protect Your Energy

I never use to give much thought to “energy” until one of my sisters told me my energy is what attracts what comes into my life. Over the years I’ve realized she is right. There is a particular person in my life who is so negative and unhappy that I feel drained once I leave them and go home. They have a way of making everything about them and making me feel like I’ve somehow done something wrong. When I go about my days without hanging with that person, I feel lighter and more relaxed. So yes, energy exists. Positive Energy is important to preserve. Take care of your energy, don’t let anyone diminish it ❤️.
Jen, xo

6 thoughts on “Protect Your Energy”

  1. Hi Jen! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award because your blog seems really interesting! Feel free to check out my latest post and answer my questions. Take Care!

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