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I Turned 37

Hi all!

So yesterday was my birthday! I have to say I had such an incredible day. I’m so glad my birthday blues went away and I was able to enjoy the day with my husband.

I woke up to my 8 year old son shouting “Happy 37th birthday!” After my mini heart attack, I thanked him and hugged him. They turned on the light and he surprised me with a beautiful elephant lamp for my new desk my hubby bought me.


After my husband got back from dropping our son off at school, We ended up dropping off our youngest son with my sister. We then went to breakfast and then the Botanical Gardens. Afterwards we went to pick up our oldest son from school, and then dropped him off at my sisters too. We went home, changed into nicer clothes and off we went again.

We were suppose to go eat dinner at P.F. Chang’s, but the traffic was so bad due to accidents that I asked him to just take me to Shake Shack for a yummy burger! After we ate we went to a painting class together! We painted the Northern lights on a snowy night. The pics came out beautiful. As usual, when I’m painting I become anxious because I don’t want to mess up and I can’t see the final product right away lol. But we had a great time. The Studio was bright, the music was good and loud and the people all had a great time painting, having drinks and playing games as we waited for the paint to dry.

After painting we went back to my sisters house to pick up our boys. Once there my youngest sis surprised me by being there! That was fun. My other sis gifted me yummy chocolate covered strawberries with snickers (she makes them all herself). After chatting and hanging for a while, we went home. I bathed the baby, had my oldest go shower and once they were in bed we did the same. I was tucked in bed and asleep around 11pm. It was such a great day ☺️.

-Jen, xo

6 thoughts on “I Turned 37”

  1. Aw happy belated birthday lovely! That elephant lamp is just tooo cute! 😍😍 and it’s so cool that you went to a painting class and painted the northern lights, your artwork turned out GREAT!!! Glad you had a lovely day celebrating beauty, and those chocolate strawberries sound amazing! Hope this is your best year yet! 🥳

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