The World Needs More Empathetic People

I recently posted on Facebook stating that ‘the lack of empathy in this world towards mental illness is astonishing smh…”. A couple of people agreed and one of my friends mentioned how there is a lack of mental health education within our society. I have to agree with her. I only know of certain classes in college which students can take if they’re in certain majors, but there should be mental health awareness classes from an earlier age. Our youth need to learn that everyone is going through something different in life or in their own minds. If they learn coping techniques and positive mechanisms early on, this could be a kinder, stronger world.

We need more caring and empathetic people in our world. I can no longer handle hearing people telling suicidal people to just kill themselves or thinking someone with depression or anxiety need to just get over it. Take actual time and do some research so you can understand just a little better what someone may be going through.

That is all…rant over!

-Jen, xo


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