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Exam Anxiety


I’m down to 2  final exams for this week and I am so anxious to take them. So anxious that I have been procrastinating with studying for them. That ever happen to any of you? You become so nervous about doing something, that you disregard anything that has to do with it, until that last possible moment? Ugh, I hate doing that…but it’s what I do! I have a World Religions Final Exam due Friday night. It’s 65 questions and 2 hours long. Then on Friday-Sat I have my Macroeconomics Final Exam due. That one is 80 questions and 3 hours long! *cries internally*. I have not passed any of my Macro exams this semester, so I doubt I can pass this one…simply because the equations are so damn confusing! Luckily the homework’s, extra-credits and class assignments helped boost my grade up to a C. I need that C in order for it to count towards my Social Work degree. So…I’m just nervous that this final exam can lower it to a grade that won’t count, meaning I will have to retake this God forsaken class! I’m trying to not think about ALL of that and just get studying done, that way I can be done with this semester once and for all! I won’t be back to school next semester because I will be too close to giving birth to my second son. I may go back next fall…we’ll see how things go. *sigh* Wish me luck please!!! I’m going to try and hit the books now and study for World Religions so I can take my exam tonight after dinner, giving me time tomorrow to study for Macro.

–  Jennie, xo

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