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I’m so Over this Anxiety


I’m feeling so anxious today.

My heart is pounding,

Arms are tingling,

Eyes feel so heavy, I want to sleep.

I’m Nauseous and my mind won’t shut up!

The amount of thoughts circling my mind are exhausting.

…I’m tired of wondering if family and friends care.

Am I bothering them by calling or texting?

Am I liked or disliked?

Understood or misunderstood?

The worst part of all this is, I don’t really know why I’m anxious today…

Is it because I need more sleep?

Do I need more water?

Are one of the thoughts circling my head the reason for me feeling this way?

Whatever it is, I need it to stop.

I hate feeling this way;

I feel sick to my stomach.

Ugh, do I sleep, eat or cry?

Im so over this anxiety 😥.

-Jen, xo

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