Insomnia Strikes

Welp! It’s almost 3am and I’m laying in bed, wide awake. I swear I was tired and sleepy earlier but I get into bed and wouldn’t you know? Sleepiness is gone!

Two days ago I started taking Allegra-D for sinus pain and headaches and now I can’t seem to fall asleep. Has anyone else had this issue? It’s come down to me having to decide if I want to sleep at night and deal with the insane sinus pains & headaches, or get rid of the headaches but stay wide awake when I much rather be sleeping 🤔

Decisions, decisions…

The worst part of this is that I’m supposed to be up by 7:30am to head to Daytona Beach with my family.

Beach + Exhaustion = Fun? Doubtful!

I may just have to stop taking the Allegra-D to see if that helps me sleep better. Ugh this sucks I tell ya!

Hope you all are happily asleep!

-Jen, xo


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  1. Ugh! I know this too well. I did consult with my doctor and I’ve been taking sleep aids. I’d rather do that then do the dreadful sleep test! I don’t know which is worse, having insomnia or doing a “sleep” test where I will positively have zero sleep and be told I now have insomnia and have to deal with a machine next to me. Geez 😦

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    1. Oh no, that doesn’t sound good! I would probably do the sleep aid as well if I were you. As for me I know it’s the Allegra D I started taking 3 days ago because I don’t suffer from Insomnia. Only when my anxiety is really bad do I have some trouble sleeping but never has it been THIS bad! 😥

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      1. I have allergies too but I take Zyrtec. Maybe if you try telling your doctor, or try switching medications, to see if they help you sleep. I take anxiety medication, thankfully it’s been going well and hasn’t prompted any side effects. I hope you find relief and sleep and overall feeling better soon!

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      2. Ive taken regular Zyrtec but it doesn’t help. I’m just going to stop the Allegra and make an appt with an allergist :). Thank you! I’m glad your meds have no side effects because I feel like everything now has bad side effects!

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      3. Yea I’ve had it done twice, years ago. I use to get the shots. Now that I live in fl I seem to be allergic to something, i dont know it’s the different trees or weeds but I’ll find out soon when I go to the allergist!

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      4. I’m in Florida too. I was suppose to start on the shots last year and couldn’t get myself to do it. My middle son is allergic to just about every tree, poor thing has to take two allergy medicines a day before leaving to school.

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      5. The shots help sooo much! After 3 months on the shot I was able to pet a dog and cuddle them without sneezing! lol aw poor thing. My son was just tested and he’s allergic to some trees and weeds. I was surprised that was it! But he does have a peanut allergy.

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      6. Oh my son had a wrist band. Bright orange with a peanut on it. Luckily it isn’t a bad allergy. He can smell it and be around it. He can even eat things processed on machines that have bad peanuts and tree nuts. It’s just that when he tried peanut butter at the age of 1 and 2, he started crying because his mouth was burning and red. So we are doing another blood test soon to see the severity of the allergy. He does have an epi pen jr though being that he’s 7. It’s for precaution.

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      7. Yes same here! We’ve been having the Jr. pen for a few years now. We get two every year, one for us to carry and the other for the school nurse. So glad you have the wrist band, he’s aware also, but it helps so much!

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  2. Have you tried taking Benadryl instead? It’ll let you fall right sleep, but it’ll cause (if you’re a snorer) to snore loudly. Allegra-D is non-drowsy so that’s why it won’t let you sleep.


      1. Yeah, my psychiatrist recommended Melatonin, but that stuff gave me weird nightmares as a kid so I politely declined.

        I don’t have that great sleep anymore probably because I’ve been sick/injured for a while now and only sleep 5-7 hrs anyways.

        However, I find exercise and natural remedies do wonders for me to sleep better.

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