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He Helps Me Cope

Not too long ago, I was feeling really anxious because of a mistake I made. Of course, me being me, started thinking about other past mistakes I’ve made, I worried about how I will now be perceived and I just felt terrible. I shut off the tv and aimlessly scrolled through my news feed, as my heart started to pound faster and my eyes began to burn. Thoughts just continued to swirl in my head and I stood there on the sofa, unable to get up and properly function. My husband walked over, kissed my forehead and asked if I was ok. I nodded no, as I continued to scroll through my phone and he walked over and asked if I was anxious about the mistake I had made. He explained to me it wasn’t a big deal and for me not to feel terrible or worry about other peoples view of me, because their view would be so wrong. He suggested I go shower but I told him I could not physically get myself to move. So he decides to carry me to the bathroom so I can shower In hopes I’d feel better. Him carrying made me giggled, bc he always tends to bang my elbow or foot into a wall so I was just hoping he wouldn’t (he did). I took a shower, my mind still reeling, but nonetheless, I showered. Afterwards, I walked into the office and my husband asked if I felt any better. I nodded no and was about to walk off to bed. He told me hold on and reached out with open arms. He embraced me tightly in his lap and I melted. His hugs are the best and I always feel so much better. He makes me feel loved, understood and protected. After a couple of minutes, I was able to speak about other things and not focus on what was bothering me (because I had spoken about it already earlier).

Because of my husbands love and his wonderful hugs, I’m now laying in bed, feeling better then I did earlier. Granted, I’m still annoyed with myself, but what can I do? Hopefully I can fall asleep soon and wake up feeling even less anxious. Any-who, I just wanted to tell you all about my wonderful and caring husband. He takes care of me during my anxiety episodes and attacks. He loves me unconditionally and understands me better then anyone else…I guess 18 years together will do that! I’m so blessed to have him ❤️.


2 thoughts on “He Helps Me Cope”

  1. I’m so glad he’s there for you 100%.
    There’s always that one person that will know you or understand you better then anyone else. It gives you a sense of security…the reassurance that everything will be ok. We’re human, we make mistakes and we must go on. Granted, we do feel bad about it…but it’s how we learn…it’s part of life.
    I love you!

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