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Update: Getting Back into the Workforce

Hi guys!

I know it’s been a while, but I did say I would give you all an update regarding an interview I had at my sister’s job. Well after I received the phone call asking me to contact them to set up a date to go in and test, I gave myself an hour before calling back. I was feeling really nervous and I had to make sure I felt calmer, before speaking to someone over the phone. Once I called, I had set up my interview for testing the following week. I went in, dressed up nicely for an interview and I met with the recruiter. She explained the position to me and then I took 4 tests. I passed 3 of them and had to reschedule to retake the speak to speak test-where I listen to a conversation over headset and speak it into the database verbatim. That test was difficult for sure, so I wasn’t surprised i didn’t pass that one. After I left the interview, I felt pretty good. 

For the next 2 weeks, I practiced for the part of the test I had failed. Finally, I made an appointment for retesting last week. I went in, and got down to business. I took the test and unfortunately I still failed it. The recruiter told me I needed to have 2 perfect audios and I only had 1. So, I did not get the job. I will admit, I was a bit disappointed in myself for not being able to properly do what was expected of me. But that lasted for just a moment. At the end of the day, I felt really proud of myself for putting myself out there again. This was my first interview in almost 7 years! And to be honest, I wasn’t very comfortable with the job position, so I feel that maybe the job wasn’t meant for me. I know now that despite my anxiety, despite my worries of going back into the workforce and being responsible for something other then my son, my home and my husband, I can do this! I can take a moment to collect myself, tell myself I will be fine and then leave it all in God’s hands. I can work again. I may not have gotten the job now, but I know the right job will come along soon and I’ll be ready.


4 thoughts on “Update: Getting Back into the Workforce”

  1. Omg your first interview in 7 years?! That’s an amazing accomplishment in itself lady!! And if you weren’t 100% confident you’d love the job, then this was just an excellent practice interview! Nothing lost. I recall going in for an interview on the same terms a few years back – I hadn’t done one in 7 years either lol. I didn’t get the job either but I felt amazing that I showed up to begin with. You’re awesome for doing it!! (Hmm I feel like I’m pumping my own tires here too but meh! I deserve it too!)

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes 7 years! I was nervous because I’ve been a stay at home Mom for all these years, but excited because I would be back in “society” lol. I just moved to Fl couple months ago so I cannot continue on for my degree in school until I’ve lived here for a year, so I figured working part time would be a good start for me. And you should totally “pump your own tires”! it’s a big accomplishment to overcome a fear or at least try! 😄

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  2. Don’t nervous. Never give up.
    Confidence is best key to all questions. Don’t think more about interview after you get appointment & give interview. Sometime more thinking is broken our main concept.

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