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I Survived My First Florida Hurricane

Hi all!

As many of you may know, last week, hurricane Irma touched down in Florida and wrecked havoc! Mostly in Miami and the Florida Keys. But as the days approached for Irma to hit Florida, I was nervous and on edge. I’ve been living in Fl with my family for 3 months now, and already I had to prepare for a hurricane! I spent all of last Monday searching for and buying supplies, such as flashlights, batteries, first aide kits, candles, lighters, water and food! I filled up my car with gas and bought 2 gas cans just in case we needed to evacuate and would need gas. I was exhausted by the end of the day, but luckily had everything we needed. Due to the hurricane, my mom’s flight was suppose to be cancelled, so my husband went ahead and rescheduled her for a week later. So thank you Irma for letting me have my mom for an extra week! lol….

Anyway! Once the hurricane touched down in Fl, it became very dark and starting raining nonstop. Then the trees began to move to and fro, because of the heady winds. The tree in front of our apartment hit our window all night long! I’m so glad the window didn’t break. Throughout the night, our lights flickered on and off, but luckily we never lost power. We were all pretty nervous and anxious. My husband became quiet. My son became cold and was playing around the apt wearing a sweater. My mom had laughing attacks and I was serious and cranky, bc I felt on edge. All of our anxieties were high! We tried our best to make it comfortable and less scary for my son. We played cards, and made sure all the blinds on the windows were closed, so he wouldn’t see the trees swaying and hitting the window. After a while, he watched a cartoon movie with my husband, and mom and me drank wine and continued playing cards. We all couldn’t wait for the hurricane to pass!

The following morning, the rain had stopped, we still had power and the sun was out! It was really windy though, so my county was still on a curfew. We had to stay home until 6pm. I was so glad when 6pm came, bc I was becoming stir crazy! Hubby and I took our son for a drive and we went over to check on my sister’s house, which luckily also had no damage. We were so glad our area wasn’t hit so bad. Kids were out playing in the neighborhood soon after waking up :).

So it’s safe to say, I’m a lot more calm and relieved now that the hurricane has come and gone! We made it out safely and together! I don’t know how I will ever get use to this kind of hurricane preparation though! It is exhausting and anxiety ridden!


Jen, xo

7 thoughts on “I Survived My First Florida Hurricane”

  1. You & your family all right that’s good favor. Every time hurricane damage many houses & other facility. Some case people dead in hurricane. It not affordable for us. But this is earth we have to convinced.
    Nice detail share, hope your best experience in life. You remembered it.

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