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Big Changes = Anxiety 

Hi guys,

So for those who have followed me for a while, know that my husband found a great opportunity in Fl, and we have relocated here, for his new job. Now any time change happens, it makes me anxious. Change has always made me feel this way. However, I am older and wiser and I have a family to think about, so when this great opportunity presented itself, I wasn’t going to stand in the way of a better life for my family. So I told my husband to go for it and move us to Florida.

Now I’m not saying it’s been easy. Before, during and after the big move, I’ve had about 3-4 anxiety/panic attacks. I was moving away from my immediate family who I grew up with. I was moving away from close friends and a town I loved. I would drive to and from school and all of a sudden i would feel panic and my chest would hurt and I would start crying and hyperventilating in my car. Or I would be talking to my husband and just start freaking out and start crying about never meeting new people in Fl or getting lost or always feeling lost. I had so many worries about moving, bc I had no idea what to expect. I’ve never lived so far from my immediate family so it really scared me.

Once I was done with school, I had to wait for my son to finish school, so then my husband could come back from Fl (he had to move before us to start the job), and move us down to our new place in Orlando. 

Fast forward: We’ve been living in our new apartment for a month now. I no longer cry as much as I was. My Anxiety is not coming out as anger anymore and I’m starting to feel comfortable in the apartment now that we’re almost done making it a ‘Home’. My son absolutely loves it here. He runs around all day, plays without a problem and he loves going to the pool. We hang out at my sister’s house, we go out with them, as well as my cousin and her family. My husband really enjoys living here-he feels at peace. I on the other hand, still feel kind of lost. Im not sleeping well at allX i go to bed late and still lay awake, tossing and turning. I wake up exhausted but I’m still keeping busy (which is good). I’m not completely feeling settled into our new environment just yet. I just thank God I have 2 of my sisters here, my nieces and nephew and my cousin, as well as other family. I dont know what I would do without them! I know it will take time to get use to a new environment. I have to make new friends, find new places to hang out and places where I can continue working on my hobbies. 

It’s an odd feeling, living someplace new, knowing I’m in a different state from my parents and the people I grew up with. But I am also grateful that my husband was given this opportunity and that my Anxiety didn’t hold me back from moving. Despite the anxiety attacks, the sadness and nervousness, I’m here, I moved away from my comfort zone. I know I’ll become use to being here, it will just take time. 

Peace & Love,

– Jen ❤️

10 thoughts on “Big Changes = Anxiety ”

  1. I made a similar decision recently and the first month was hell. Didn’t help we moved two months before we got married. That was a recipe for disaster. We’re settling it nicely now though and I hope you’re starting to feel more comfortable too! I’m certainly jealous of the sunshine you must have, I’ve ended up in the Midlands of England. Bit wet.

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    1. I can imagine how stressful that was! I’m glad you’re settled and more comfortable. I’m feeling a bit more comfortable. Apt is coming together nicely, son is now in school so I have time to make appointments and hopefully I can start yoga soon! I have to admit, the sunshine is great! lol


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