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Therapy, No More…

Hi all,

As most of you know, my husband has been given a new job in Florida and so we have been living apart for about 2 months, being that I had to finish school and my son still has 3 weeks of school left. 

When my husband started his new job, his insurance changed and my therapist’s office did not accept that particular insurance. So I miss you last day with Dr. S was 2 months ago! 

I have to be honest, I was worried at first about not having her to speak to on a weekly basis, being that I was so overwhelmed with having to move out of state, living apart from my husband, while having to finish up school and make sure my son wasn’t always sad being away from his daddy….

On my last session, Dr. S even told me she was in denial about it being our last session lol. She told me I can always contact her if I need and she would charge me the least she could. But if I could not do that. She still wanted updates on how I was doing, which I think it’s amazingly sweet. 

So on my last session, we spoke about all I have learned and she told me she can see a huge difference in me. She sees I am more confident and am able to pinpoint an emotion and the reason for it. I’m able to express myself and not let others get me down. I’m able to understand another persons reason for doing something, even if it effects me negatively, I am still able to jump back. That was great to hear that she sees how much I’ve grown over the past couple of months. It made me happy that she saw the changes I’ve felt within myself. By the end of our session I felt confident that I would be fine without her.

Since ending therapy, I have had some anxiety attack a, due to stress and the anxiety and fear of moving far away from people I’ve grown up with (family). But I cried, I breathed, I allowed it to happen and then I picked myself up and continued living. My husband has been a huge support for me. He listens to me. He lets me cry. He hugs me and understands my fears. My parents have been understanding, as well as my family in Florida, who are so eager for us to move there. I am ever so grateful for all of my family and friends who have listened to me, who have given me great advice and have been patient with me through all of this.

The packing process has begun and it is sad and anxiety ridden, but I am doing it. I am continuing to pack, and think of my life in a Florida. My son is also nervous and sad but I need to be strong for him so he doesn’t freak out too much. 

Through all of this I have thought of Dr. S and many times said I should call her for a session, but then I take a step back and tell myself that what I’m feeling is normal. I am allowed to be scared and nervous. I am allowed to cry. I am allowed to speak when I feel this way and ride out my emotions. And in those moments I decide I’m strong enough and don’t need a session. I am proud of myself. I feel stronger. 

I am grateful to Dr. S for all her lessons and everything I took from our sessions together. Will I find a new therapist in Fl? Possibly! I really enjoy learning about myself and how to deal with the pressures of this world. But we will see how Fl treats me :).


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