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Hectic Mornings

Good morning all,

This morning was a hectic morning! My son and I were close to leaving our apartment for school, when he came over to me crying because his top tooth hit his loose bottom tooth hard. He was bleeding and in pain. I sat him down and soaked up the blood with some tissue. His tooth became looser and so I told him I would take it out so it could stop hurting. He was nervous but said ok. I put the tissue and with one slight movement his tooth popped out! lol he was nervous but super excited because for him, this means he’s a big boy! I had him rinse his mouth out with salt water to stop the bleeding and whatever swelling may occurred. Once the bleeding stopped, we left home to go to his school.

Once we got to my car, I noticed a flat tire. Ugh! He would definitely be late to school now. I filled up the tire with air with mky travel, automatic air pump. Then I noticed a huge nail in the tire. Now it’s obvious that I could t take this car today. I carefully drove it to our super market parking lot so I can take my older car (thank God it hasn’t sold yet!). We get to that car and I realize I left the key and my wallet at home! *lord give me patience*. 

I park my car, my son and I walk home a block away and get my wallet and other car key. We then walk back to the supermarket parking lot and get into the other car. At this point I called his school to explain why he would be late. I finally got my son to school close to 9am and I have to be in class by 9:30 to take a quiz. 

Once I drop my son off, I get breakfast real quick (because I need to function!). I drive to school and I get to class only 15 min late. My classmate held a quiz for me and helped me out…bless her heart! 

Now I’m sitting In class with a major toothache 😭. I had my wisdom tooth removed 5 days ago and have pain and some swelling. I’m on antibiotics and taking ibprofein for pain. While dealing with this pain, I’m yelping a good tire shop where I can take my car to replace my spare tire and patch up my flat…oh what a morning it has been! 

Hope everyone’s day started off better then mine! 

-Jen, xo

7 thoughts on “Hectic Mornings”

  1. Talk about a morning you wish you had stayed in bed…. right? πŸ˜‰ Looks like a bad case of Murphy’s Laws at their best!! I hope the rest of the day will go smoothly for you! πŸ™‚

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