Treat Yourself

Today I was shopping at the supermarket with my son when some pretty flowers caught my attention. What did I do? I bought them of course! I love. Uyin myself flowers! They spruce up my dining table, or I put them on my windowsill next to my desk, allowing me to feel calm and happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love when my husband buys me flowers, because it shows he was thinking of me and I find it to be a romantic gesture. But I think it’s great for a woman to also buy herself flowers. It’s a great way to treat yourself and make yourself smile, if even for a moment.

So next time you see some beautiful flowers, and you’re able to, go ahead and buy them. They may help brighten up your mood. They can help calm you or spruce up a part of your home. There are no rules saying that only men can buy us flowers! Love yourself, treat yourself and enjoy!

– Jen 🌺


5 thoughts on “Treat Yourself

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  1. Its crazy, i have never bought myself flowers and im 25 years old. Its the unspoken “rule” that men buy them for you is the reason i havent…but i will one of these days now that u mentioned it😊

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