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Sleepless Night…

Tonight I am sleeping over my grandmothers houses because I have class in the morning and need my family to watch my son. Normally, I would be home, in my own bed, cuddled up with my husband and then Saturday morning he would watch our son as I go to class. But hubby accepted a new job in Orlando Fl, and started on Monday. It’s been difficult not having him around. We’ve been together 18 years and have never had to loves apart for a short period of time…

I’m grateful and so blessed that he was given this opportunity and I know it’s for the best of our family. It’s just difficult sometimes not having him around. It’s been such a tough week. I’m exhausted with all the running around and cleaning out my apt in preparation for packing to move to Fl in June. I’ve had midterms and papers and quizzes. I’ve had homework to do with my son, drives to church and cleaning up the apartment, while also cooking, bathing my son and making sure his homework is done. All while trying to get my assignments done. Then at night, having to climb into an empty bed, wishing hubby was there to snuggle up with…

It’s only been a week and I have so much more respect for single parents! You guys are rock stars! I know my son and I will get through the next couple months until we can see hubby and be together in Fl, or before then during Spring Break for a week…it’s just been overwhelming.

And now I’m laying on an uncomfortable bed, with an uncomfortable pillow, tired and unable to sleep. I miss my husband. I miss my bed! 😳 I really hope I wake up early to make it to class at 9am…

Jen, xo

1 thought on “Sleepless Night…”

  1. Hello, Jenny! Hope You reached that class at 9! 🙂

    Reading Your post, and seeing Your Happy Face, would say that You have conquered Your Anxieties. Congrats on that.

    As I struggle through washing my clothes, [ which I (un) cleverly allow to pile up! ], and giving my room cursory swipes by way of keeping it clean, after reading Your account, feel glad that I do not have children to take care of. Catholic Priest, You know! But let me tell You, I just LOVE Children.

    Wish You All All the best and much Love. Yesudas.

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