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It’s Been a While

Hi all!

I know I’ve been gone for quite some time now. I’ve had a lot going on, since January and I just never found the time to sit down and write. I’ve also noticed that while I’ve gone through my anxious times, I have been dealing with it all head on, so because of that, I don’t feel so bad about not writing or blogging. I feel that I’ve been able to speak up or take action when I’ve been anxious, so I’m proud of myself for that :).

But here is what I’ve been up to since January…

My son turned 6 years old, Jan 2nd. His birthday landed on a Monday and luckily for him, he had no school, because of New Years day. So we decided to throw his birthday party on his actual birthday, at the bowling alley. Our families and friends came and it was such a great time! It was the first birthday where my son had actual classmates he could invite, so he was super excited! 

The week after my son’s birthday, we were off to vacation! We drove to Fl, where we spent time with family and friends. I was able to attend my sis’s baby shower and spend time with her, our other sis and my nieces and nephews! We caught up on what’s been going on in our lives, we snapped pics and just had a nice time. I  went to Downtown Disney where I fell in love with a HUGE Stitch <3. It was really nice.


From there, we drove down to Miami where we took a cruise to the Bahamas and Key west. I was really nervous about being on a cruise, bc it was our first time. The first 2 days I felt nauseous and I did not enjoy it. By the end of the 2nd day, I started to feel better and once we docked and started visiting the islands, I really enjoyed myself! It was a pretty cool experience. We swam with dolphins at Balmoral, Bahamas. Then at Coco Cay, Bahamas, we enjoyed the beautiful water, saw a baby shark and I was able to lay down and enjoy a good book. It was sooooo relaxing! Once in KeyWest, we took a tour and spent some time at a beach. I have to tell you, I miss it so much! I can’t wait to book our next cruise :). 

After coming back from vacation, I started feeling pretty down. We got back to NJ, and it was really cold and dreary and I just did NOT want to be here. I really wanted to be back in Fl, with the sun and calmness of it all. Well, guess what…I may actually be moving to Fl in a couple of months, due to my husband’s work.  So with all of the changes that may be happening soon, along with starting school and being swamped with home work and dealing with a swollen cheek and pain after a wisdom tooth removal, while baking cupcakes for my son’s book fair and having to walk around with pain in my mouth, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all. 

meSwollen CheekSome days I have the energy I need to get HW done, get things done around the house, while not worrying or wondering about the soon to be change. Other days, I just feel so exhausted and anxious that I just need to talk to someone to let it all out. Thankfully therapy has helped me so much in realizing that I really do want this change in my life to take place. I’m also lucky to have family as well, that I can call when I need to vent and get some perspective. 

I’m nervous about living in a new state, but blessed and happy that I have tons of family over there. I’m also anxious about leaving the social work program in school and having to start the application process over at a new school, in hopes of getting accepted. 

My anxiety doesn’t allow me to always go with the flow of things. Change scares me. But I can honestly say I feel excited. God has listened to our prayers and he would never give us anything we couldn’t handle. So although I become anxious and nervous about all the new things happening, I’m more excited, therefore I know that I’m ready.

So that’s what’s been going on with me! How are you all doing?


Jen, xo

8 thoughts on “It’s Been a While”

  1. Thanks for giving us an update. I was wondering where my “New Post” emails were from you. I’m glad you had such a wonderful trip and the new and exciting opportunities that are coming your way. Take everything in stride, there’s nothing you can’t handle. And you’re right, God will never put more on you than you can handle. You got this!

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    1. Thanks so much Aaron. It’s been stressful with the change happening, getter NY school work done and everything else I’m responsible for. But once everything is done and my family is settled,I’m sure I’ll feel much better. Boy do I wish I was back in the Bahamas! Lol

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