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Lessons Learned in 2016

While browsing WordPress, I came across a post from Hopelesslystrong, where she lists all of the good and positive lessons she has learned in 2016. I think it’s a great idea to focus on all of the positive that came out of 2016 , in spite of all the trials and difficult times I may have had. 


So these are the lessons I am bringing with me into 2017:

  1. It’s ok to be myself. I am awkward, loving, have a big heart and I’m silly. If people do not understand that or see it, it’s ok. As long as I know myself that’s all that matters.
  2. I will forever want to help people. I believe this is the reason I was put on this earth; to help people, strangers and loved ones. Some people may not want my help and that’s fine. I only mean well when I try to help.
  3. It’s totally acceptable to be an emotional person. Some people may see this as a flaw, but I don’t see it that way. To be able to wear your heart on your sleeve, and allow people to see the real, raw you, shows vulnerability. Being emotional has allowed me to speak my mind on what’s bothering me and why. It has allowed people to understand my heart, and understand me a bit more. I’m grateful for that. 
  4. Just because I may not have close relationships with people or they are not close to me, doesn’t mean there is no love therePeople grow apart. We all have a life to live that may take us to different places in this world. This doesn’t mean though that we don’t love each other. As long as there is an understanding there and respect between us, that’s what’s important. Just because we can’t always see each other or talk, doesn’t mean we no longer love each other. This has to be one of the biggest lessons I have learned this year. 
  5. Sometimes it’s best to leave things unsaidThere is no reason to always try to explain to someone why you feel the way you do. Not everyone will understand you and that’s ok. Learn to make peace with it and move on. Sometimes not speaking up on things is the best route.
  6. I am loved. No matter how anxious I feel and how alone I may feel at times, the truth is I am surrounded by people who love and care for me. I am blessed with a beautiful family and group of friends who only want the best for me. 
  7. I am smart. I can be hard on myself and feel unintelligent, especially because I’ve been a stay at home mom for 6 years. Going back to school this year though has proven that I am NOT a dumb house-wife. I am smart. I have thoughts to contribute to a conversation. I have questions to ask. It may take me longer to understand things, but that’s ok. We all learn differently.
  8. I have a right to my opinionFor so many years, I always kept my thoughts to myself because I was afraid to have people upset with me. This has changed though! I have a voice. I have a right to my opinions and views, the same way everyone else does. If someone doesn’t like it, all well. We should all be respectful of one another’s opinions. 
  9. I am strong. This past years has proven that I am stronger then I think. Finding a good therapist has a lot to do with this. I learned that I overcame so many things in life bc of my drive and strength to make sure I have a different life. I am strong because I make sure my son is happy. That his childhood is filled with love and laughter, understanding and acceptance. I am strong because I can sit down and speak with my husband if something bothers me or to simply show him some appreciation for how great he is. I am strong because I have helped others around me understand their struggles with anxiety or depression. I am strong because I overcame a lot of abuse and made sure that my life as an adult would be completely different. I chose to break the cycle. So even when I feel weak and overcome by anxiety, I remind myself that I have come a very long way.
  10. I am blessed! No matter how many times I felt completely overwhelmed, misunderstood or unloved, God proved me wrong. He has always been there for me. He has picked me up when I’ve fallen. He’s filled my heart with calm and peace and has allowed me to feel his love, time and time again. Without God, I would not be where I was today. He has given me a loving, and wonderful husband. He has blessed me with a great son. He has given me a peaceful life. He has accepted me as his child and I will forever be grateful to him. 


Wishing everyone a beautiful, happy, healthy and successful 2017!!! Thank you to everyone who follows my blog, who encourages me and who has taught me some valuable lessons this past year. Love you all!

Jen, xo


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