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Are You Drawn to the Darkness?


This quote resonates with me a lot. While in therapy the other day, my therapist told me anxiety tends to be drawn to more anxiety; I’m drawn to people who are also struggling emotionally, because we have things in common. She mentioned I’m also drawn to people like myself, because I’ve been assigned the role of ‘helper’ since a young age. Over the years it has been expected of me to be helpful, to listen to others problems, to physically help out a person. I believe that this role is in part an innate characteristic of mine, as well as something that has been put on me as well. Either way, I can honestly say that I do love to help people. I like to be needed. I like for others to accomplish their goals and to trust in me if they need someone by their side. So this quote feels personal to me. I am drawn to the darkness that is anxiety and stress and when I come in contact with people, I am able to touch their lives (hopefully) in some way, which allows them to feel better. I think this is the reason why I am now a Social Work student. I feel this pull to help out the community in any way that I can. I’m sure it will be stressful and anxiety ridden, but if I can get one person out of the darkness, than my job would definitely be worth it.

Are you drawn to the darkness? Do you feel compelled to help people who are struggling or who remind you of yourself? How do you go about embracing or breaking the cycle?

Jen, xo

She picked up the pieces of her life and created something beautiful. From that day forth she shone like the sun and changed the definition of broken”. -Randall M. Core

13 thoughts on “Are You Drawn to the Darkness?”

  1. I left this post open in my browser till I had the time to answer ir…It’s a very deep and personal question and it brought back a few memories. In my worst phase of depression over the last few years I have reached out to people who were in a similar state of mind. I kept a tab open all the time with the WP reader set to “depression”. I have tried to help people through their dark moments. Some of them struck a chord in me, some I could see were in deeper than even I was. I tried to send across some emotional support, tried to make them see they were not alone and they were not uncared for. I honestly could never type, “Hold on to life, it will be worth the struggle.”. How could I? I only said, “Try to fight it, and maybe (I wish) the future would be worth the pain of today.”. I remember feeling doubtful, being unsure if I was helping or damaging further….But I found even such iffy words helped some people. For that I was grateful. It takes a toll on me, as I am sure it does of everyone, to be there for a depressive, there have been times when I was not up to the battle. But I know from personal experience that every little, temporary, feeble word of kindness helps.
    Ok, I went for longer than I had anticipated. Sorry for that ramble, but it was nice sharing that with you.

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    1. I really appreciate the long reply! It’s great to reach out to people who may be going through similar issues, and try to help them as best we can. But I agree that it can be exhausting and many time difficult. It can at times suck the life out of me when someone is not responsive and can only see the negative in life. I think at that point it is necessary to take a step back out of the darkness, for our own safety and peace of mind. Thanks so much for responding. Xo

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      1. I try not to get frustrated. It happens more with friends and family. I’m working on that! It’s just so hard to see people going through tough times and not being able to help as much as I wish I could. I know that things take time and we’re all different.

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  2. You said…..

    Are you drawn to the darkness? Do you feel compelled to help people who are struggling or who remind you of yourself? How do you go about embracing or breaking the cycle?

    Can share a couple pearls of wisdom.

    Got here after reading ur response to badge 415’s tweet re witchcraft. Yes it is true it is pervasive in South America and North as well.

    All of this orbits around an axiom. The popular world tells us it is all about mind body and spirit. But in essence it is actually spirit body and mind.

    Let me explain. The human spirit( the part of us inside that creeps us out when in or near close proximity of the same or similar darkness. It is actually not darkness. Think of it as a stain or a bruise.

    Two things take place during the moment of being compelled to help. One is you spirit and the other at same time is your flesh. Spirit is looking for it’s deeper understanding and flesh is following. However until deeper understanding is attained by ones spirit we will wind up being a wounded or stained or bruised healer.

    Your use of words ” cycle” is key. If you were to closely examine bouts of anxiety you will discover a pattern correlating to time. Same time each year, month and even days. Scoping out a cycle will become evident.

    It is within these cycles of time that opportunities can be presented for them to be broken. The opposite of broken is having victory.

    So your battle field( spiritually speaking) has two significant elements. One is time and the other is a desire to aid, help or serve.

    Since you commented on a faith which is in opposition to God do you have or have ever had exposure to his( God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) ability to immerse himself in to your cycles of anxiety?

    If so you will discover that there are 7 elements of nature which he invented. They correlate to the 7 colours of the rainbow. Two of these elements align to your anxiety. One is a desire to want to heal or serve and the other is time.

    Can guarantee that you have or will struggle in life ( read spiritual struggle) in these areas. One is that you will, could be or have been prone to being victimized. Secondly you will suffer from an oppressive work load and always run out of time.

    The upside of these elements can be blessed with an authority and second a strong sense of knowing the proper time in all things.( read shining)

    This is where the battle is for you.

    If led can forward you a graph of these elements to show you more.

    Blessings to you in your journey,
    A servant of God,

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    1. Very interesting take, thank you for sharing. I very much know and feel Gods helping hand in my life. When I’m really anxious, what helps me the most is to kneel down and pray. That is when I’m closest to him. That is when the weight of my anxieties and troubles is lifted off of me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


      1. 218 scriptures on 7’s which form our spiritual DNA. We all have 7 basic elements of dna and one or two dominant ones. Your two are 2nd and 5th day of creation. read Gen 1 to see foundations of all of the 7’s throughout bible.
        IE 2nd day servant, 5th day exhorter. Hold up the prizm of what Romans 12:4 says…. 7 redemptive gifts. prophet, servant, teacher, exhorter, giver , ruler, mercy. You’re two dominant ones are servant and exhorter.
        will forward you matrix if led to see these which will show you the choke points and blessings which are available to you to aid you to walk in victory. blessings


      2. Can forward this in a chart. But if you scroll down and observe strongholds and root iniquities you will sense an awareness and possibly some hesitance. The ones which bring the most signal the curses which are waging war against you in the spirit. Can pray through each and claim blessings and victory if so led.
        if you want graph shoot me an e- mail if led?

        Redemptive Gift
        Foundational Principles
        Demonic Stronghold
        Root Iniquity
        Essential Virtues
        Curses on the Birthright
        Blessings needed for Effective-ness
        Fractured Relation-ships
        Someone Came Against The Rights of Individuals
        Being a Re-builder
        Aramean – Can’t Get Justice
        John the Baptist – Favor
        Victim Spirit
        Obtaining Peace at Any Cost
        Walking In Dominion
        Moabite – No Help Getting Started
        Esther – Secure Borders
        Religious Spirit
        Walking in Selective Responsibility
        Sanctify-ing His Family
        Philistine – Lacks Key Resources
        Daniel -Supernatural Strategies
        Sowing & Reaping
        The Cult of Comfort
        Embracing the Pain
        Canaanite – Oppressive Work Load
        Moses – Time to Develop Finest Abilities
        Walking by Faith
        Midianite – Seasonal Devouring of Money & Family Relationships
        Job – Accruing Capital
        Predator Spirit
        Being Life Giving
        Jothan’s Betrayal from Within
        David – Synergistically Life-Giving Institutions
        Pleasing God, Not Man
        Ammonite – Barrenness
        Apostle John – Possessing Your

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  3. or blog e- mail
    this is using the 7’s of spiritual dna- there is more when the 12’s are applied. 12’s are the dna using scriptures off the 12 tribes.
    You have a dominant association to the tribe of Gad which came out of Spain and in to S. America during the Reformation.


  4. Hello Jen!, I’m Bridget. My blog is new (I write about anxiety/depression/inner struggles as a way of therapy for myself) and so I was looking for more blogs to follow and stumbled upon yours. I read this post, and it really resonated within me so thank you for that! I have spent my 22 years thus far being “the helper” and taking on everyone else’s problems, so knowing that someone else out there is dealing with something similar is so comforting.. I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂 ❤

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