Que Bonita Bandera: A Poem

“Que bonita bandera…” is sung around the island,
As the aromatic scents of sugar waft through the air,

being inhaled by people who lie dying of starvation.

Fields, once stocked with overflowing crops,

Now gone and taken over by cooperate owners,

Not caring how the people of Puerto Rico will find their next meal to eat.

Men and women laid off work,

Trying to make ends meet,

Seeing the hurt,

and pained looks of their children’s faces, as their stomachs grumble with hunger.

Unemployment lines packed with mothers and fathers,

Food stamp lines stretching miles long,

Yet not receiving government help, as if nothing is wrong.

 U.S. corporations making themselves at home,

Making promises that just grow old.

Islanders waiting for these corporations to open their doors,

Expecting to work, and nothing more.

Yet all these promises end up being lies,

Therefore, Puerto Ricans gather together,

As they rise,

To make their voices heard.

Many of the islanders leave,

In order to find a better way of life

While others refuse to leave,

Deciding to deal with the strife, of their island, of their home.

Que bonita bandera, la bandera Puertorriqueña

Written by: Jen

*As my final paper for my Latinos class, I was told a min of 10 poems could be submitted. Here is one of the poems I wrote & submitted*



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