Meditative Coloring

When I have a lot on my mind, I find that coloring calms me. I love all of the new grown-up meditative coloring books being sold now a days. 

When I color, it allows my thoughts to freely move about. With each thought that passes through my mind, I’m able to feel each emotion and release it as a new thought replaces the last. I really enjoy the passing through of thoughts and emotions. It’s freeing and calming to be concentrating on a specific movement as I color, or focusing on the colors that transform the paper from bland to bold. 

If you haven’t tried meditative coloring, please give it a shot! It’s such a relaxing thing to do!

Jen, xo

“She picked up the pieces of her life & created something beautiful. From that day forth, she shone like the sun & changed the definition of broken.” -Unknown


4 thoughts on “Meditative Coloring

  1. hello, i read some of your recent posts and i must say ur blog is unique and awesome…i too, have anxiety disorder…but only few ppl know…i do not like to discuss not because i am ashamed or something but because they won’t understand….keep writing and break the stigma!! god bless u

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